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This site lists A.A. meetings in the Central and Southeastern Ohio Areas. [Search Now!]

Meeting information is subject to change without notice, but every attempt is made to update information on this site as quickly as possible. Groups are listed on this site at their own request. A listing does not constitute or imply approval or endorsement of any group's approach to, or practice of, the traditional A.A. program.

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Open and Closed Meetings

Anyone may attend an open meeting, whether they have a problem with alcohol or not. Closed meetings are limited to persons who have - or think they may have - a problem with alcohol.

On the search results page, the meeting type is underneath the day and time. Open meetings start with the letter "O," closed meetings with the letter "C" (see image below).

O is for Open and C is for Closed

If you need help determining whether you may attend closed meetings, please contact us at 614-253-8501 or 800-870-3795.

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You can search for meetings four different ways.

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Results are displayed ten at a time and displayed on a map. The map markers are labeled A through J.

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New Meeting or Corrections

If you attend a meeting that is not listed here, or you need to make any changes to meeting information listed on this site, please contact us.

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